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Call me King!
Tamaki Suou
I tried explaining to the headmaster of Bacchus High School why forming a Host Club there at the beginning of the new term would be a good idea.

I don't think being referred to a therapist means they liked my proposal.

....Why am I so bad at this?

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I'm so happy~! Kyouya and Haruhi are here and things are finally beginning to look up again.

Sora? Are your friends alright? Have you found them?

A couple of mine have come from home...I'd like you to meet them sometime.

OH right. And Kyouya? You brought that thing like I asked, right?

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Kyouya was here. Tamaki hadn't seen him since...then.

Nor had he left the house since seeing those...things. But people seemed to be around now, so he was going to try not to think about it anymore.

And also...maybe...that Haruhi might be here. Tamaki felt that he should look for her.

But he didn't want to leave the house. He was still...scared.

And he still didn't know if everyone was alright...

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Why is everything so quiet around here...?

Everyone's been so upset...

Is something going on? Sora? Ryuichi?


[ OOC: No, Tamaki has NO IDEA what is going on out there with you crazy kids. But he is concerned for his friends.]

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We cleaned the house today, took all day too, I might add. Now I know a bit of work and water could never harm a beautiful man but...!

The maids all told me I was in the way ;-;

How can my beautiful self not make sure everything is perfect for people to come over if I don't help out too!?

ME?! In the way?! Is...is it possible? I don't want to be a burden on others.

Then they told me to kindly sulk in another corner as they had to clean the one I was in. So I'll...just be sitting over here now.

'M not in the way....

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Telling Ryuichi that he'd meet up with him right away had been one thing; getting back to the hotel in Center City had been another one completely.

It didn't take long for Tamaki to get completely lost, easily distracted as he was. One store window had the most interesting gizmos, and then there had been the older woman walking her dog (it was so cute!) and for a moment Tamaki almost forgot what he'd come to do.

Neon lights brought the large hotel into grand focus behind him, and the light bulb lit up in Tamaki's head. He was here to meet someone!

So he wanders toward the hotel, keeping an eye out for a pink bunny.

"Hello?! Ryuichi?? Has anyone seen a guy with a bunny on his head?"

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Shock and outrage!

To think that this city has not one high class facility in which the fair beauteous maidens of Desai can go to be happy. For shame.

I got directed to some shady area of town every single time I asked about a host club, or anything of the sort. One particularly confused man even asked me if I was old enough to be down there!

Really, people. I beg your pardons, but entertaining women with beautiful men does not have to be done in such perverse ways. All it takes is a group of unfortunately perfect men with some grace and time on their hands, an ability to converse, and some manners!

Er...and tea or some sort of food, I suppose. Kyouya was always better at handling these things.

That settles it! I'll just have to make one myself!

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This place is really, really big.

The customs ladies were very nice to me once they knew I wasn't carrying any weapons or anything. Just trying to do their jobs keeping places safe, I guess.

I'll find my way to look at the high school soon. I got lost already. ;-;

But this handsome young man won't get depressed! My being here at all still amazes me. I didn't think I'd be allowed to come!


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~*~*~*~Test Post!~*~*~*~

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